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Tips to treat dry lips

When the seasons change, the air shifts and becomes dry and can leave you with very dry lips, which can be a cold sore trigger. Though there is no dry lips cure or cold sore cure, the best dry lips treatment is hydration. Lip balms can provide temporary relief and prevent moisture loss, but there are more steps you should add to your lip care routine for hydrated and healthy lips.

Here are 6 lip care tips for healthy lips:

Tip 1: stop licking your lips


Licking your lips may feel like it moisturizes them, however it only dries them out more, and isn’t an effective way to moisturize lips.

Tip 2: use protective lip balm


Some flavoured lip balms encourage you to lick your lips, which results in dry lips. Lip balms or lip moisturizers that contain eucalyptus, camphor, menthol or alcohol may actually dry your lips out more. UV rays damage lips, which can lead to cold sore outbreaks. Use a lip moisturizer that has UV protection to take care of your lips and prevent cold sores.

Tip 3: drink your water


Our bodies are up to 60% water, but that water decreases as we age.1 We are constantly losing water through perspiration and other body processes. Replenishing your water by drinking 6 to 8 glasses a day has tons of health benefits – including soft, smooth, beautiful and healthy looking lips. It’s one of the best dry lips treatments out there.

Tip 4: eat right


A balanced diet is another overall health booster and good lip care tip. Zinc is an important mineral in maintaining moisture. If you’re not getting enough zinc from your diet, you can take a multivitamin or supplement. By eating healthy, you can keep your immune system in tip top shape which is the best cold sore treatment.

Tip 5: avoid dry heat


Many of us live and work in environments with forced air heat during winter months. This type of heat is particularly tough on chapped lips due to lack of humidity. By using a humidifier or keeping a mister at your desk, you can keep the air around you moist, helping to moisturize your lips and prevent cold sores.

Tip 6: be aware


You may not even realize all of the skin-drying products and agents that come in contact with your lips daily. Here are some more tips to incorporate into your lip care routine for healthy, moisturized lips:

   •   Don’t let shampoo run over your face when washing your hair.
   •   Try to reach for more moisturizing foundation and lipstick as some chemicals can irritate very dry lips.

Despite following these lip care tips, you can still get cold sores for various reasons, such as a weakened immune system, colds, flus, stress, or hormone changes. The best way to get rid of cold sores and keep them away is by taking care of your overall health. By adding our tips to your lip care routine you can ensure healthy and beautiful lips, while avoiding cold sore triggers.