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Woman applying lip balm


Sunlight is a proven trigger of cold sores. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend your summer hiding inside. Use sunscreen and a lip balm that provide broad-spectrum sun protection with a minimum SPF of 15.

Whether you’re running at the beach, hiking in the mountains or simply walking to the corner store, keep in mind that sunscreen’s effectiveness can be affected by wind, water, humidity and altitude. Plus, you can sweat or lick your lip balm off without realizing it, so reapply it often.

Cloudy days are not your ally in the battle against cold sores, because those are the times when you may forget to wear your lip balm and sunscreen. Remember, UV rays can penetrate clouds and even thick fog.

Summer can also bring lots of parties and late nights, which are great until you feel that dreaded cold sore tingle. Take action by limiting your late nights to when you know you can sleep late the next morning—and carry a tube of Abreva Cream in your cosmetic bag, just in case.