Most trusted Cold Sore Remedy in Canada

Abreva is the #1 Pharmacist Recommended cold sore product and the #1 Most Trusted by Canadian Shoppers for the 9th consecutive year.

Quotes from the 'BrandSpark Most Trusted Cold Sore Brand by Canadian Shoppers' award:

"My husband is the one susceptible to cold sores and always asks me to get that one. He says it gives him faster* relief."
– Anonymous, Ontario

"It successfully treats cold sores... Personal experience. Many cold sores."
– Anonymous, Ontario

"It is effective and reduces the amount of time that I have to deal with a cold sore."
– Anonymous, Alberta

"It was recommended by my peers and the pharmacist, and the only one I have ever used."
– Anonymous, Ontario

"It was recommended by my pharmacist and it worked well so I have stuck with it."
- Mae, Ontario

“A little more expensive but it works…”
– Linda, BC

“it works great and I can trust it”
– Barbara-Anne, BC

“Abreva simply does the job.”
– Shirley C, BC